This is me, Kim Watters, and Tina Radcliff, all signing at the 2014 Glendale Chocolate Affair


This is me and Victoria Curren, my new editor for the Harlequin Heartwarming line.  We had a wonderful meeting and she even went over my first three chapters.  It was almost better than Christmas.  Er, almost. 


This is me at the Romance Writers of American conference in Anaheim (2012) signing my book Love Finds You in Sunflower, Kansas

Margaret Daley and me in January of 2011 as we stand outside the Arizona Historical Society Museum.  She's down here talking to the Christian Writers of the West group for a one day conference.  We had a wonderful time!


Author Susan Miller and me at the University of Arizona's 2010 Book Festival

This is my agent Steve Laube.  He's helping me hold my Book of the Year plaque for Broken Lullaby.  What he really should be holding is his Agent of the Year plaque.  We both had a good time at the 2009 American Christian Fiction Writers conference in Denver.

Tina James became my editor at Harlequin in 2009.  Here we are at the American Christian Fiction Conference in Denver, September of 2009.  The day after this photo was taken, my book Broken Lullaby took first place in the short romantic suspense category of the Book of the Year contest.

Our Christian Writers of the West group is growing in leaps and bounds.  Here you see fourteen of us at the July 2009 meeting.  I'm in the back row wearing a purple shirt.  Back row: Terry, Pam O, Michelle G., Avily, Me, Kathleen, Lauren, Michelle S, and Jen.  Front Row: visitor, Sheri, Janet, our speaker Donna Goodrich, and Brenda.

This is 2008, all Love Inspired authors.  From the left, front row, Debby Giusti, ???, Linda Goodnight (she won!), Debra Clopton is peeking through.  Pamela Tracy (me) in pink (I didn't get the memo about wearing black), in the back see Lenora Worth, Missy Tippens, and Allie Plieter.  


Krista Stroever purchased my first book for Steeple Hill's Love Inspired Suspense line.  She will forever by on my Christmas card list.  Look, I have a three year old and baby weight.  She has an eight month old and NO baby weight!


What does a writer really look like.  Ack!  This is me during a recent camping trip.  Yup, I had a deadline 


Me and author Kim Watters at the 2012 Glendale Chocolate Affair, signing our books and meeting a psuedo-Jack Sparrow

Me, Judy from Just Judy's Jumbles, and Kim Watters at a Barnes and Noble signing 2012

My book Pursuit of Justice was up for the 2008 RITA.  The other nominees became friends of mine.  Here we pose, all of us wishfully thinking, "I hope I win!"  Karen Harter, Linda Goodnight, Irene Hannon, me, and Susan Warren.  Linda won.


This is at RWA National in San Francisco.  These are my fellow bloggers at the Craftie Ladies of Suspense.  What a treat to get to meet them:  Roxanne Rustand, me, Debby Giusti, Lisa Mondello, Margaret Daley, and Terri Reed.

These are the flowers I received from Harlequin honoring my 2008 RITA nomination for Pursuit of Justice, a Love Inspired Suspense: editor Krista Stroever.


My critique group established back in 2002 and still going strong.  I'm the dark-haired one, betcha couldn't guess.  Next to me is Libby Banks.  She's this close to being published (picture me with fingers squeezed together).  Then, there's Connie Flynn author of award-winning paranormals.  Finally, see Cathy McDavid who writes for Dorchester and Harlequin American.  This is our Christmas 2007 photo.




I participated on a panel entitled "Some Like it Hot."  The gentleman is Kenneth Brown.  He used to be an FBI agent and is now a CPA.  He is self-pubbed and goes for what I'd call a niche market.  Then, there's me in the middle.  On my other side is Denise Agnew.  She has published with a number of small presses and is definitely representing the hot, while I represented the cold LOL.  Kenneth, I'm not sure.  I purchased a book and will read it soon.  

In September of 2005, I won the Desert Rose Award in appreciation for outstanding contributions towards furthering the growth of the Romance Writers of America's Phoenix Chapter.

Yes, this picture belongs here.  It's a Romance Writer's Wedding.  See, I'm the bride and I write for Love Inspired.  Next to me is my Maid of Honor,  Harlequin American author Cathy McDavid.  Next to her is Regency author Alison Hentges.  Then is Harlequin Special Edition author Stacy Cornell.  Then, there's my sister who could be the next Erma Bombeck if she ever gets her football article published.  Next to her is my now sister-in-law Patti Osback who is trying to sell an action/adventure.  Then, there's Cathy's daughter Caitlin.  On the other side, mostly plumbers.